pale legions toward the sable train

I deemed thee formed with power and will;
My hair rose up - my blood stood still,
And curdled with a fearful chill,
            Which made me tremble.

I thought if, e'en within thy glove,
Thy cold and fleshless hand should move
To rest on me, the touch should prove
            Far worse than death;

That I should be transformed , and see
Thousands and thousands gaze on me,
A living, moving thing, like thee,
            Devoid of breath

-Hannah Flagg Gould, "Address To The Automaton Chess Player" (1836)

Koudelka was a survival-horror/tactical-RPG that was published for the Playstation 1 in Japan during 1999 and released throughout North America and the United Kingdom by Infogrames in 2000. The game follows a young gypsy woman in 1898 through one hell-filled night as she navigates a Welsh monastery filled with the malicious undead. The game mixes a horror-inspired aesthetic with turn-based tactical combat and boasts high-level voice acting and cinematic FMV.

The game is moderately obscure on Western shores, though the semi-sequel Shadow Hearts (released for the Playstation 2 in 2002) has met with a somewhat popular reception. There are extremely few English fan sites for the game, so this would be a modest attempt to fill that void and concentrate on the many different aspects of Koudelka that interested or amused the site creator. However, this site isn't a FAQ or a walkthrough - if you're having problems with playing the actual game, look at the Koudelka section at GameFAQs.

Last updated on February 20th, 2006.

The Pawns

Koudelka Iasant
Edward Plunkett
James O'Flaherty
Bessy Hertman
Ogden Hertman
Roger Bacon
St. Daniel
Elaine Heyworth
Patrick Heyworth

The Moves

I. White Moves First
II. Destroying the Guard
III. Smothering Mate
IV. Queen's Gambit

The Board

The Abbey
The Documents
The Arsenal
The Mechanics
The Music

The Site

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