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The Shadow in the North
- By Philip Pullman -

Book Two of the Sally Lockhart series

Will the sea give up its dead? Sally Lockhart, spirited heroine of The Ruby in the Smoke, is back! The year is 1878, and Sally, once again defying Victorian sensibilities, has gone into business for herself. When one of her clients loses a large sum of money in the unexpected collapse of a British shipping firm, Sally is determined to find out what happened. But as she delves deeper into the identity of the wealthy and elusive industrialist who owns the doomed company, the answers to her questions become murky indeed. Sally enlists the help of her friends, Frederick and Jim, but they may be too late. Powerful individuals are holding the keys to the mystery, and they will stop at nothing - including threats on Sally's life - to shroud the truth.

The Shadow in the Plate
Originally published in somewhat different form

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Paperback, United Kingdom, 1999
Paperback, Germany, 2000
Paperback, North America, 1996

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