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The Firework-Maker's Daughter
- theatrical adaptation -

Sheffield Theatres staged a theatrical version of The Firework-Maker's Daughter from March 12th 2003 to April 5th 2003. Philip Pullman liked the production.

Lila - Hayley Carmichael
Chulak - Edward Hogg
Lalchand/Razvani - Hannes Flaschberger
Hamlet - Julian Bleach
Rambashi - Paul Hunter
Chang/Villager 1 - Charlie Folorunsho
Hungry Pirate/Villager 2 - Martin Hyder
Little Pirate/Special Bodygard - Michael Glenn Murphy
Senor Scorcini/Lord Parakit/Ghost 1 - Peter Peverley
Dr. Puffenflasch/Elephant Master/Ghost2 - Gregory Gudgeon
Sam Sparkington/High Priest/Ghost 3 - Toby Sedgwick
King/Goddess of the Lake - Richard Clews
Directors - Hayley Carmichael and Paul Hunter
Associate Director - John Wright
Designer - Naomi Wilkinson
Lighting - Designer Jon Linstrum
Sound Designer - Huw Williams
Composer - Iain Johnstone
Assistant Director - Nikolai Foster
Casting - Sam Jones
Stage Manager - Danni Bastian
Deputy Stage Manager - Kath Bools
Assistant Stage Manager - Kim Lewis

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Paperback, North America, 2001

Sheffield Theatres has a great page set up for The Firework-Maker's Daughter, which includes detailed descriptions of the play, information on its background and development, oodles of pictures, and an essay from Philip Pullman.

Audio Book, United Kingdom, 1999

Paperback, United Kingdom

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